Time travel has its complications. This might sound like an understatement, and yes, it is. In this video we lift out one perceived problem, but is it really a problem?

What would happen if you travel back in time, before your date of birth and kill your grandfather?

Watch the video and find out



I'd go back to the Ancient Greek era and try to spot out whether the Greek Gods were real and hopefully meet one....if they were of course. I'd probably take my friend Lachie and we'd both pretend to be the Doctor zipping around.

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I'd like to go to the start of the universe and take Stephen Hawking with me. I think both of us would get a kick out of finding out how it all happened.

I would go back in time to tell my earlier self about this competition (say a week ago) and give myself the time to think up the most elaborate awesome answer. I would then go forward in time to see if I won this competition, and then travel back in time again to tell myself if I did win or if I needed a better answer. I would take a version of my future self back with me to convince my earlier self to come up with a better response in the situation that I didn't win. How's that???

Disclaimer: I may have created a temporal paradox by crossing my own time stream (five times??), but hey what the heck - you only live once right?

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I would travel back, with my partner, to see the origins of the 7 wonders of the world and how they were created.

I would take my best friend Cara back to the first My Chemical Romance gig so we could meet them.