Publish, Perish or Podcast - Spoons, swimming and writing

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Publish, Perish or Podcast - Spoons, swimming and writing



Episode 23 - Spoons, swimming and writing
This week we talk about Cameron's obsession with spoons, academic writing and how boring it can be. We also science the shit out of swimming. This week's unwitting sponsor is Event Cinemas - because Chris and Cameron went on a man date there.
A fortnightly podcast providing a humorous, informative and exciting behind the scenes look at science and research. Join three researchers (Andy, Chris and Cameron) as they discuss the issues and topics behind modern research and share stories from their life as scientists.
Andy Stapleton is a science communicator and research fellow based in Adelaide. He is a writer and blogger at andymatter.net and the science communication columnist for Australian Quarterly.
Twitter: @andyjstapleton
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/publish_perish_or_podcast
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