There are lots of challenges about going into space. Some big, some small. But even what might seem like a small challenge can be difficult to solve – like how to go to the toilet in space. Last year we announced NASA’s Space Poop Challenge – NASA...
Brew Ha Ha - Space naps
If we've learnt one thing from science fiction, it's that travelling to galaxies far far away will mean astronauts will need to enter some kind of stasis to last the journey. However a new idea suggests napping might be a better option...
Galaxies across the universe are dying. They’re being violently stripped of the gas that gives birth to new stars. Starved of the source of new star formation, the existing stars grow old and cool down, and eventually the galaxy dies.  “It’s like a...
Space Station Degustation
International Space Station Flight Controller Andrea Boyd gives you an 8-course space food degustation.
Brew Ha Ha - Science predictions for 2017
What will science in 2017 hold in store? Here are our predictions for what science stories will make headlines in 2017. Brew Ha Ha: science in less time than it takes to order a coffee. ☕
True or False with Andrea Boyd
International Space Station controller Andrea Boyd tackles some commonly asked true or false questions about space.
Andrea Boyd's ISS scrapbook
International Space Station controller Andrea Boyd tells the stories from her scrapbook of collectibles while working at the European Space Agency.
Launch success for Aussie space startup Cuberider
We talked to Solange Cunin, CEO of Aussie space startup called Cuberider the day after their launch into space. It became Australia's first space misson! They were the first Australian organisation to win government approval to fly a mission to...
Top 3 biggest news of 2016
2016 has been a momentous year. Here we give our top 3 biggest science news of 2016! Here's to 2017! Brew Ha Ha: science in less time than it takes to order a coffee. ☕ Watch more: Zika virus: Paris agreement: http://bit....
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